The ORP Process

The Organisational Review Programme (ORP) was established for the conduct of comprehensive 360° reviews of individual Government Departments and major Offices in terms of current and likely future capacities in three key areas:

  • Strategy – how effective is the organisation at developing strategy?
  • Managing delivery – how good is it at delivering services to its customers?
  • Evaluation – does the organisation evaluate what it does and, if so, do the findings feed back into new policies?

The Template for the ORP Reviews, developed by the ORP team, sub-divided these three areas into ten organisational attributes:

Strategy Setting strategic direction
  Giving leadership
  Creating shared understanding
Managing delivery Customer service and delivery
  Continuous improvement and innovation
  Managing resources (HR, ICT and financial)
Evaluation Performance measurement
  Customer and stakeholder feedback
  Input into policy and strategy

An ORP review of a Government Department or major Office comprises the following steps:

  • undertaking workshops and face-to-face meetings with employees, stakeholders and offices/agencies (if any) of the organisation under review;
  • deployment of online questionnaires to all staff
  • publication of an ORP report that includes the principal findings yielded by the research; and
  • production by each organisation reviewed of a follow-up plan which is published as part of the ORP report.